Some people say I look like this guy by MrLegenDarius



I just realised

Gnar reminds me of Sitch

When I saw the preview for Gnar my first thought was HE’S SO CUTE YET LOOKS LIKE SATAN then fell in love with the fact that he’s made for top lane so I decided to draw him

really rough linework right now but I think I may fix up the lines and create another version colored in




are we gonna say anything about the gagged bieber cutout or




The most beautiful scene out of the entire series.

I cried like a bitch



dogs dealing with cats sleeping in their beds

This has to be the cutest and saddest thing



Ani-la-Kill by mebae16

Because of course Nudist Beach would be run by a couple of cocks.




Blue Chalcedony/ Blue Holy Agate on Matrix

This beautiful rock resembles a small cave of captured blue clouds and its essence is very much a soothing stone. Its blue energy emits a feeling of as if one were to hold an ice pack to an injury, helping one heal any emotional wounds. It offers calm and positivity, helping one be in the ‘now’, rather than worrying what might (or might not!) be. It’s a wonderful stone for assisting with communication and is particularly good for singers!

This rough piece is one of a few pieces we have chosen to appear at the Venusrox showroom and we hope you can enjoy peering into this small haven of blue. 

cc: crownofbirds

i want to go to there


I would like to officially introduce everyone to Ollie, short for Oliver (I recently binge-watched the Arrow on Netflix and decided to name him after Oliver Queen lol). Ollie is a young bird so he’s become very attached to people and extremely well acclimated to daily life. He’s not afraid of anything (dogs, cars, trucks, not a problem!) and he wants to be near people all the time. I’ll often let him hang out with me while I’m watching TV in my room because he goes crazy if he can see me but can’t get to me. For these same reasons, I usually have to hold him on my hand while I drive, because the back seat is just too far away from he and he won’t tolerate that kind of separation! lol Unlike most kestrels, he’s very good about being pet and even accepts kisses and snuggles <3 He’s my sweet baby boy

Ollie is a young bird so he’s still developing his flight muscles and learning how to use them. When I first started working with him, he could barely control where he flew and often crash landed into things. He’s gotten much better since then, but he still hasn’t caught any birds yet due to inexperience. He loves loves to chase them though! I think he’ll be a great bird hunter as soon as he gets a little more flight practice under his wings.